Betty’s in a Coma and the Dogs are Bored

Poor Betty (our motorhome). Her battery is dead as a doornail. Until I get her a new one, she’s comotose and not going anywhere.

Poor me. I’ve been enticed back into wanderlust by Mary Hone’s “Tales from the Backroad” Facebook postings. But with Betty in a como and me trying hard to make a living (newly self-employed), lust must be abated.

Bored dog lying in the grass.

“Was it all just a dream?”

Poor dogs. Since we got back from the Perimeter, they’ve been waiting for the next unexplored wherever.  Every few hours they try to herd me out the door.

Except when it’s raining.

When it’s wet, Zack and Zoe are content to stop herding and just gaze out the window. But now with spring and sunny days …

It’s time to wake Betty. And maybe worry about making a living … later.